Our Current Projects

What Matters Most is steadily designing /developing new programs, events, and fundraisers to benefit America's youth. Current Projects include:

If you would like to contribute to What Matters Most Inc for any of the youth benefit programs you may do so by clicking the sponsorship level of your choice on the "donate now" page. Once your donation is received a confirmation letter will either be mailed or emailed to you (according to your specifications). This will serve as your receipt for tax purposes as well as a special thank you from us to you. Donate now and become eligible for an expense paid trip to Nashville, Tennessee for the Kick Off Party of the "Make A Wish" Tour! ( stay tuned for official updates concerning the "Make A Wish" tour as artists, dates, and locations are in the process of being scheduled.)

"Santa's Here":

The "Santa's Here" project is our annual fundraiser to provide christmas gifts for children that are at risk of recieving nothing. As we will always work to ensure that shelters such as "Helping Hands" or "CYDC" will always have enough gifts for every child in their care, What Matters Most Inc will also lookout for those children who have been devastated by some form of tragedy. There are hundreds of children that have lost one or both parents in war or otherwise. Other examples of children that desperately need our assistance this Christmas are those who have suffered the loss of a sibling, parents have lost their jobs due to our failing economy, family is dealing with the extreme medical expenses of a sick child or family member, have lost their homes due to fire or other natural disasters, etc. While many charities provide for the children that have been placed in shelters or hospitals for the season, What Matters Most Inc understands that the needs of our children go far beyond the shelter or the hospital. It is our mission to be sure that NO CHILD in our area be left without hope, love, and joy this Christmas season.

What Matters Most will be taking the children at the Helping Hands shelter for abused children to a Christmas Tree Farm in December so that they may pick the perfect tree for this Christmas season.  After enjoying a hay ride with sing alongs, hot cocoa, and finding the perfect tree our volunteers will go back to the Helping Hands Campus for the tree lighting party.  We will create ornaments with pictures taken that day, decorate the tree, and exchange gifts with the children.  What Matters Most will provide small gifts for the children to browse and choose from for their volunteer.  Each child will experience the joy of giving as they give their selected gift to a volunteer as well as the joy of recieving as each volunteer gives a gift to a child.  If you would like to be part of this or similar activities please visit the "Download" page and complete our Volunteer Application.  You may also donate for any of our projects by visiting the "Download" page.

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The "Wish Project":

"The Wish Project"- What Matters Most will join with GIMRecords Inc to produce the "Wish Project" concert tour. A group of well groomed recording artists will travel from state to state to perform for large audiences. The profits from the concert tours will be used to grant the wishes of children whose lives have been devastated by life-altering tragedy.

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Greater Influence:

The "Greater Influence" program is a mentoring program in which young adults are paired with a child after going through an intensive training orientation which is provided by What Matters Most. Mentors will meet with their assigned children at least once per week at an assigned location where they will tutor, discuss any problems/concerns that the child has, and then participate in fun activities of the childs choice such as ice skating, swimming, tennis, exercise, etc. Greater Influence Ministries sponsors this program as mentors will work to restore Jesus as the Greater Influence in young peoples lives today through this incredible mentoring program.

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The "Greater Influence" Album Series:

The "Greater Influence" album series by Robbie Robinson is a Christian album project that will benefit each church where the concert is held as well as the Greater Influence Mentoring Program. To learn more about the "Greater Influence" albums visit www.agreaterinfluence.com

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Camp Adam Fisher:

What Matters Most will fundraise for this juvenile diabetes camp annually to work toward decreasing the cost of camp for each child. With so much detail such as food, medical supply, and facility costs this is an expensive getaway for these children. We will work with the Camp Adam Fisher administration to ensure that no child will ever be turned away do to their parents inability to pay at the time.

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Helping Hands PuttPutt Challenge:

What Matters Most would like to extend a special Thank You to the Rush Class of TKE at USCA for volunteering with us for this event.  It just wouldn't have been the same without you!  It was just as obvious that the kids loved you as it was that you really cared about them.  We hope to be doing a lot more with the kids at Helping Hands and would love for you to join us!


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