Camp Adam Fisher


Camp Adam Fisher is a juvenile diabetes camp that is held on the Camp Bob Cooper site in Summerton, SC. This camp is directly on Lake Marion and offers a week of freedom for more than 100 juvenile diabetics each summer.

Medical Staff

The medical staff consists of doctors and nurses from around the state that come and volunteer their time and services to ensure the good health of every camper, educate campers about the importance of managing their diabetes, and ultimately show every child that doctors have a really fun side to!


Meal Time!

Nutrition specialists design a special menu for children based on the amount of carbohydrates that they are required to eat during each meal time. Each child is given a colored bracelet. The color is determined by and tells the cafateria workers the amount of carbs each child will get.


Carnival Night!

Kids love carnival night at camp! Last year a company was hired to set up a petting zoo and allow children to interact with both average farm animals as well as more exotic animals such as zebra's. Some kids were more facinated with the rabbits than the monkey or the Zebra!


Sugar Revenge!

Each age group is given a group number at the beginning of the week. Odd numbered groups compete with even numbered groups all week long as both teams seek to earn the most "C" Points. Kids are rewarded "C" points for overcoming fears, giving their first shot, checking their first blood sugar, random acts of kindness, and of coarse various games such as the water and field olympics. After the losing team is identified on the last day each counselor from the losing team has their name put into a hat. A losing counselors name is drawn from the hat and that person gets to be the ultimate sugar revenge for the winning team. Each child from the winning team gets to coat the chosen counselor with chocolate syrup, whipped cream, cereals, candies......etc. By the time they are done with the losing counselor his/her only remedy is to go jump in the lake and rinse off. Daniel-a previous camper and long time counselor, was the lucky losing counselor this year!